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The Willies

Posted on January 3, 2013 at 2:30 PM


Today I was cordially invited to hear some music. 


That actually is a sentence I could use most days...which is a great thing, I mean...I'm by no means complaining...though honestly while I am really happy to have accepted the invitation, in many cases I'm left wanting.  Not today.


Vocalist Jen Jones sent me links to the wonderful music of The Willies.  She and Dave Willie have conjured up a really nice sound with deep roots traveling in two directions...finding themselves growing in the traditional fertile soil of the American South on one side, while pushing through the concrete diversity of a bustling American city on the other.


Personally, I am a total pushover for all things vintage, and this group has married the vintage with the current convincingly...and the best part is that they have done so in a non-formulaic way.  Take two songs, "Too Lazy to Love" and "South Coast Go Go" for instance.  Essentially this could be two different groups.  Not just because the songs are in different styles, but because those styles in both cases sound authentic.  This is not easy to do, and I hear a lot of people try.


Eclectiblogs is all about adopting the eclectic.  As for The Willies, mission accomplished.




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